“Executive Leadership Lunches” are a two-way exchange of information – an opportunity for youth to explore career and education options and an opportunity for community leaders to meet energetic, bright young people preparing to take their place in society. 

C5 introduces youth to new perspectives by creating opportunities that connect them with role models who can share their experience and help them understand the challenges and miscellaneous opportunities in their future. 

  • As a volunteer with our “Executive Leadership Lunches” program, you’ll not only hear first-hand accounts of C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California’s outstanding success, but you can also be confident that you are creating an indelible impression on the young people with whom you are visiting. 
  • “Executive Leadership Lunches” pair youth and professionals for a 60-minute exchange of information. These meetings serve two equally important functions: 
    • Youth gain perspective on professionalism and leadership in the business world. 
    • Business leaders learn about C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California from those who understand it best. 
  • “Executive Leadership Lunches” consist of one business professional meeting with 2 or 3 youth and the local director. They include a workplace tour followed by a lunch (or dinner) in a local restaurant or hosted in the corporate dining room. 
  • Meetings follow an informal agenda. Youth provide an overview of C5 Youth Foundation of Southern California and respond to questions about their personal experience and benefits of the program. Volunteer executives respond to questions from youth about what it takes to achieve career success and what it takes to become a leader in the community.

The “Executive Leadership Lunches” is comprised of two primary components: lunch with an executive and a tour of the workplace.