Attention Nominated Students!

Please consider applying for the C5LA Program. Below you'll find basic information about the program. Click the button immediately below to access the online application. The deadline to submit applications is December 13th.

What is C5LA?

C5LA is a 5-year youth leadership development program whose mission is to change the odds for high-potential teens from under-resourced communities by inspiring them to pursue personal success, while preparing them for leadership roles in college, work, and their communities. Our teens become Character Driven, Challenge Ready, College Bound, Community Focused, and Committed to a Better Future.

What do students do in C5LA?

  • Participate in 4 different summer experiences (a 1-month camp in Wyoming, a 2-week backpacking trip, a 1-week college tour, and a 1-week college dorming experience)

  • Attend Pathway Events (5-8 Saturdays a year visiting college campuses, performing community service, or exploring our community and culture)

  • Become leaders, learn about college access, and improve their community

  • Join a network of 700+ alumni and hundreds of supporters

How do students join C5LA?

  • Step 1: Be nominated by a teacher/staff

  • Step 2: Complete an application

  • Step 3: Be selected to be interviewed

  • step 4: Be selected to join the program

What are C5LA's results?

  • 100% of the students that complete the C5LA program graduate high school

  • 95% of those students matriculate to college

How much does C5LA cost?

C5LA is completely free! The only thing we ask for is a commitment to the five years.


Call: 323-686-4214  or  E-mail: