Student Selection Process and Preparation for the C5 Experience — 8th grade-thru summer experience prior to H.S.
C5LA begins the intentionally designed, community centered and college focused approach from the very minute students are introduced to C5.
C5LA works with LAUSD schools in order to prepare them to help students work on essay writing, research and interview skills in order to become the best qualified candidates for the program. Once selected, students continue their experience with a series of orientation and planning activities to prepare them for the 5 year program. These activities include high challenge team building that helps them focus on the adventure that lies ahead.


Camp Leadership U. — through freshman year in high school 9th grade
Develop self-confidence, coping skills and supportive relationships
In their freshman year in high school, C5 teens continue to develop and practice the skills learned during their first year. Youth will have an opportunity to apply their newly developed leadership skills in challenging “real world” settings.
Additionally, youth prepare for their upcoming summer experience, through a variety of single day planning programs and three day camping trip. The year-long preparation will culminate in the 12 day “Leadership Challenge, (RLC)” The RLC is a backcountry leadership adventure that is designed to test their newly developed leadership skills. C5 youth continue their 30 hour service commitment.


Bridges — Backcountry Leadership Challenge through 10th Grade
Continued development in: self-confidence, problem solving, decision making and group effectiveness, as well as introduction to the C5 College Prep Program. Bridging camp experience-with their future and preparing for college.
During the school year C5 Students explore choices for post-secondary education and careers through “The Road to College”, a 7-10 day college campus tour visiting regional schools. The youth elect a group of their peers to serve on the “Road to College” planning committee. This committee will collaborate with the C5 Directors and play a key role in deciding which region and group of Universities will comprise that given years tour. The volunteerism requirement continues at 30 hours.


C5LA Road to College (RTC) through 11th Grade
Continued application of leadership skills and exposure and preparation to Higher education.
Once our teens have built a knowledge base involving the college search and application process, they turn their attention to becoming advocates for other LA area teens. C5 Teens reflect upon their personal growth, furthering their development as “make a difference” adults. As such, our juniors begin the planning and development for a student led and delivered College access summit. The youth elect a group of their peers to serve on the “ACT NOW” planning committee. This committee will collaborate with the C5 Directors and play a key role in deciding what the college conference will look like. Additionally, the volunteerism requirement continues at 30 hours.


ACT Now Summit / Advocacy Program through 12th Grade
Focus on learning how to make a difference in their Community - (advocacy versus service), Diversity, Leadership and graduating high school, college application, leadership and giving back.
During the school year the students are focused on preparing for college and graduation.