Summertime seasonal staff are an integral part of C5LA's mission to provide meaningful summer experiences. Staff are the link between the new activities and experiences C5 Leaders have and how they can internalize and apply lessons learned. There are several ways to get involved as staff in all of C5LA's summer components. Positions will be opened at the beginning of the year. Staff training begins early May. Submit an application online and discover how you can have an impact on young people this summer. Click the link "application" or click "apply now" at the bottom of the page.

Elkhorn Hall


The first year experience is at Camp Paintrock in Wyoming where in-coming freshmen travel far from home and far out of their comfort zones. At camp students gain new experiences, and learn leadership skills through high adventure activities including, horseback riding, rappelling, camping and aquatic activities. Also, students participate in regular social awareness programming to gain tools to understand how to address issues in their lives. Camp Paintrock runs June 2nd to August 9th. The following positions will be open for this coming summer.

Camp Counselor

Lifeguard and Aquatics Counselor

Outdoor Adventure Counselor

Horse Instruction Counselor

Camp EMT


Kitchen Staff

Teton Mountain Range


The second year component, The Bridges Backcountry Trek is a next-level outdoor challenge building upon the experience of the previous year at Camp Paintrock. C5 Leaders go on a seven-day back-country backpacking and camping excursion through a select wilderness of Western U.S. In addition to learning hard skills of outdoor living, participants also begin to take more ownership of their lives and their decisions. As a group they choose their route, plan their meals and delegate roles amongst each other. The Bridges component runs three eight-day session, each beginning June 14th, June 28th, and July 12th. The following position will be open for this coming summer.

Trek Guide

UC Berkeley


In the third summer participants plan and organize a College Tour. The class explores colleges and campuses throughout a chosen California region and the surrounding areas that they may call home after high school. The College Tour provides an opportunity for our Leaders to begin thinking about what choices to make after high school and to begin to map a path for their future. The College Tour takes place June 25th to July 3rd. The following position will be open for this coming summer.

College Tour Mentor

CSU San Marcos


For the fourth and final summer experience as participants the C5 in-coming seniors have their ACT (Actively Changing Tomorrow) Now Summit. This component provides an opportunity to address issues in their community and create ways to have a direct impact on something that matters to our young people. During this time participants also practice independent living skills and experience some of the life of a college student as they prepare to enter their last year of high school before applying to college. The ACT Now Summit takes place July 30th to August 6th. The following position will be open for this coming summer.

ACT Now Summit Mentor