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Our mission is to inspire high-potential youth from risk-filled environments in LA County to pursue personal success, to prepare them for leadership roles in college, work and community, and to motivate them to become role models for others.

We do this by engaging middle and high school students from under resourced communities in five years of intensive leadership experiences including year-round leadership development & support programs and signature summer activities that include, High Adventure Leadership Camps, College Preparatory & Career Community Advocacy & Service Learning Experiences.  


Newly Selected Youth

On behalf of the C5LA board, directors and staff, we would like to congratulate you on being selected as a member of C5 Los Angeles Program!

It is important that you and your family realize what an amazing and important opportunity you are about to begin. You, your family, and friends should all be very proud! You have been selected from an outstanding group of students to fill a very limited number of positions.

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C5YF History

The wonderful program we deliver today has evolved continually since it was conceived by John Alm in 1998. Formerly the CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, John had a vision of helping underserved youth from inner-city neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

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 We are proud to announce that C5LA has been honored as the recipient of  the Henry Reining Outstanding Organization Award by the ASPA.

The award is an annual recognition presented to an organization committed to public service whose accomplishments significantly contributed to good government or improved the quality of life in the L.A. metropolitan area.


Current Participants

Come and explore the home for C5 youth. Use this “C5er only” section of the website to obtain information and support that will help you navigate your way through the program and beyond. In this password protected portion of our website, you will find important program updates, registration materials, resources, calendar of events, photo galleries and more.


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For more information on now to obtain a password and connect to the “C5er Home Base,” please call the office and ask for website password instructions!

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The Results





C5 works! Since the original program was created in 2000, we have taken the program from an untested model to one that is widely recognized throughout the youth development community. 



We applaud your success in creating a program that addresses the need to create safe places for youth, to expand the learning process, and to offer an opportunity for enrichment and recreational opportunities. The C5LA Program is truly making a lifelong impact on not only the students involved in the program, but also on the communities in which they live.

John Liechty,
Former Asst. Superintendent
Beyond the Bell Branch,

C5LA is a proud affiliate of the Association of C5 Youth Foundations, committed to growing our efforts to inspire youth from underserved communities to to pursue personal success, to prepare them for leadership roles in college, work and community, and to motivate them to become role models for others.


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News & Upcoming Events

Help us Celebrate... And thank our most recent partnerships! 




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C5LA's Inspire The Dream builds community awareness & raises funds to help low income teens from at-risk environments build the skills necessary to take lead in their schools, families and communities in order to graduate high school obtain a college education and live the dream of a successful future!

This event is coming soon.

For more information about how to attend this event or donate please call the C5LA office at 213-863-8444