Parents & Students

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are college scholarships available to students in the C5 program?

The C5 Youth Foundation does not provide college scholarships, but the entire fourth year of the program – Exploring my Future – focuses on helping our youth learn about regional universities and colleges and how to apply for admission, financial aid, and scholarships.  During their senior year in high school, our staff is very involved in helping our students apply for college admission and scholarships.


2. Describe the community service required.

Participants are required to complete a specified number of community service hours every year to remain eligible for the C5 program. As each summer camp session is ending, mentors work with participants to create individualized community service action plans. The activities planned could include such things as participating in a neighborhood clean-up event, volunteering at a senior home, or tutoring younger children. Some of the community service work will be organized and done as a group activity, but most of it will be done individually to encourage student self-advocacy.


3. What kind of clothing and equipment is required when the children are at camp?

There is no special equipment required. Appropriate camp attire is t-shirts and shorts, jeans or pants. To protect feet, closed toe/heel shoes and socks must be worn everywhere except the pool area. Girls will need one-piece swimsuits, boys need swim trunks or swim shorts. Parents receive a complete list of suggested clothing and personal items prior to the beginning of camp.


4. What kind of food is served?

We provide a healthy, well-balanced selection of great-tasting foods. Breakfasts include cereals, pancakes, eggs, fruit, juice, and milk. For lunch, we generally offer hot and/or cold sandwiches, hot dogs, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Dinner selections include chicken, beef, pasta, salads and more. Snacks are available during the day, including juice and water to make certain everyone stays well hydrated.

If a child has special dietary restrictions (health, cultural, or religious), our staff can usually accommodate his or her needs.


5. What medical care is available at camp? How does a child get the medication he or she needs?

A health-care professional, trained to take care of the medical needs of the campers and staff, is on site at each camp location at all times. He or she will collect all medications, secure them at the Health Care Center, and dispense them as indicated. During a field trip, a counselor or other staff person accompanying the group will ensure that medications are properly dispensed.

In addition to the on-site health care, each camp has arrangements with local physicians and emergency care providers who are available 24 hours a day.


6. Can parents communicate with their children while they are at camp?

Absolutely! We encourage parents to write letters as often as they like. Mail is delivered to our campers daily and they have time to write to family and friends. Youth have access to the telephone only in cases of emergency. Students do not need to bring their cellular devices with them, as there is no cell phone signal at camp (middle of Wyoming) and the device may get damaged or lost.


7. Why is the summer camp session four weeks long?

Four weeks gives our first and second year teens the time they need to acclimate themselves to a new environment and routine, engage in all the exciting activities we have to offer, and make lasting relationships with other great kids and our adult staff. While we have an occasional case of homesickness, most of our young people tell us that their C5 summer flies by.


8. How is the camp staffed?

C5 Los Angeles is staffed year-round with three or more youth development professionals — a director, a program director and a community program director. These men and women manage the camp while residing there 24 hours a day during each session. Additionally, we work with local schools, youth agencies and camp staffing organizations to hire seasonal staff members who have a passion for working with young people. Most are recent college graduates or students majoring in youth related fields. They are carefully screened and selected, rigorously trained in both programming and safety, and regularly evaluated.


9. Where is the summer camp for C5 Los Angeles held?

The summer camp for the Los Angeles program is located in Hyattville, Wyoming.

10. How do the children get to camp?

Transportation to and from camp is provided. The students will fly from LAX to Salt Lake City, Utah and then travel by bus to the camp based in Hyattville.


11. What is expected of the parent of a C5 youth?

We ask that parents encourage their children to engage in all activities, reinforcing the excitement of trying new experiences and the benefits of learning new skills.  When our youth are at camp during the summer, we ask parents to communicate often with them through mail.

During the school year, parents should encourage their children to achieve the objectives outlined in the Leadership Development Plan they created at the end of camp.  Parents are responsible for bringing their children — or arranging transportation — to C5 events scheduled throughout the year and we ask them to stay in touch and communicate with the program director if any issues arise.


12. How much does the C5 program cost?

There is no charge to any participant.  The C5 Youth Foundation is supported by a national board of trustees, regional boards of directors, and generous organizations and individuals from your community — including the Coca-Cola system and its’ employees, friends and business partners — who all share our commitment to inspiring young leaders.


13. What type of commitment does the program involve?

The C5 program requires a five-year commitment. The program begins during the summer before eighth grade and continues through high school graduation. Two equally important components of the program work together to support our objectives.

The first part is a residential summer camp experience that is designed to take our teens out of their everyday environment and introduce them to a new world of experiences and opportunities. During the first two summers in the program, our youth spend four weeks at summer camp, and 10 days in the back-country, respectively. During the last two summers, they move away from the camping experience and spend 1 – 2 weeks exploring options for their future.

The second component is the ongoing Leadership Development Program. Groups meet four to six times during the school year for a structured program that supports the curriculum — a seminar, cultural event, work-place visit, or a community service project. Participation in these events is mandatory.

Besides engaging enthusiastically in C5 program activities, participants are expected to do well in school, act as role models for younger kids, become active in community affairs and perform 30 – 60 hours of community service work each year.  Click here for a complete description of the program.


14. How can my child participate in C5?

Potential participants must be in the 8th grade and are nominated by organizations associated with C5 Los Angeles, including schools and youth-serving agencies. These community partners nominate young people who are doing well in school, have shown leadership capability, and have a desire to learn, grow, and succeed. From those who are nominated, 72 are selected through an application and interview process. Nominations are done by our community partners in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New England, and Texas.